Critically analyse the effects of high

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Critically analyse the effects of high

Discuss with reference to one of the following: Poverty and social exclusion Crime and antisocial behaviour Inequalities in education This assignment will discuss theories and causes behind Critically analyse the effects of high and antisocial behaviour with regards to social inequalities.

It will also discuss how the introduction of social policy and the welfare state was reformed through the findings of The Beveridge Report.

The implications and explanations will be discussed with regards, to the implementation of social policies which have been adopted by the government in order to eradicate such problems.

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One theory comes from Howard Becker and is concerned with the notion of labelling. However, this theory does raise important questions, such as who decides what behaviour is deviant, who enforces the laws and whose interests do they serve?

Labelling theory believes that the above is a "question of political and economic power… rules are made for young people by their elders".


An example of labelling using types of crime is theft, burglary and muggings, all are associated with the working class. Becker suggests that a lot of these types of crime are reported, therefore statistics in these areas are very high. It can be suggested that lower income families and the working class are usually more prominent in the inner cities, where policing is more prevalent, therefore giving the police more opportunities with which to catch such crimes.

The above nicely links us to Government statistics which show that 21 per cent of all 10 to 17 years olds arrested in had had from three to nine previous convictions compared to 28 per cent of 18 to 34 and 22 per cent of 35 to 54 year olds.

Critically analyse the effects of high

The average duration of arrest for a young offender in was 65 days and in a massivepeople between the ages of 10 and 17 were cautioned on indictable offences with a further 56, for summary offences.

Wilson et al, Becker suggests that youth crime comes from the fact that young people are less likely to achieve socially important goals set by society by either economic or legitimate means. Compounding this is the fact that they hold the least power and influence over the making of rules, or the deciding of reasonable behaviour within society.

Interactionists such as Becker, tend to focus on information which demonstrates the various ways that individuals understand and interpret deviant behaviour. Further, this theory looks at society on a micro scale, it reduces the issues to an individual level and larger forces, such as environment, are ignored Becker In a report was published on Social Insurance and Allied Services which is now known as The Beveridge report.

His aim was to eradicate these problems. These were tackled in various ways when the labour government of implemented the proposals through different acts of parliament.

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The conservatives then came into power in and continued with the new social reformation and welfare policies of labour. Employment was at all time high; education was free and had improved peoples employment prospects.

Housing and living conditions had significantly improved, and for those in need a there was a safety net, the benefit system and an efficient health service NHS. The notion of universal provision was the basis of a welfare state, however governments like Thatcher emphasised individuals taking responsibility for themselves, and provide for their own families rather then relying on the state.Digital Compositing is an invaluable part of the tv, film and other commercial media industries.

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produce long-term negative effects, among them high training and development costs to minimise the incidence of poor performance and high turnover which, in turn, impact staff morale, the production of high quality goods and services and the retention of. Critically Analyse How Culture Effects Organisations and the People Working in Them.

The interpretations and explanations of social problems have important implications for the kind of social policies adopted by governments to tackle these problems. Critically analyse the effects of high performance work practices on employers and employees.

The primary goal of most businesses is to maximize profits for the owners.

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High performance work practices (HPWPs) are a methodology used by various organizations to maximize workforce potential. HPWP is a combination of various .

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