Physics first term paper 2

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Physics first term paper 2

The derivation of the above is as follows: Since the most redundantly observed Cydonia ratio is 0.

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This feature also now seems to mark an equally important latitude: The terminus of this wedge, together with the NW corner of the pyramid, are the only two points on the pyramid that, when connected, denote a line of latitude see Fig.

Again, putting this in simple terms: This discovery only underscores the importance apparently attached to "circumscribed tetrahedral geometry" in the construction of Cydonia -- raising the important question: To communicate the "importance" of tetrahedral geometry itself!

Physics first term paper 2

If this is the successful "decoding of the Message" -- its existence if not the sheer effort expended in its communication must in turn raise obvious questions regarding "hitherto unrecognized properties" of circumscribed tetrahedra. Understanding the Meaning of "the Message": In working out the several possible implications of such geometry, Torun promptly discovered the following: Torun immediately noted on Earth the existence of several significant Meso-American ceremonial complexes at this specific northern latitude -- raising intriguing cultural and scientific possibilities for lost or forgotten "ancient knowledge of the significance of circumscribed tetrahedral geometry" Becker and Hagen, Unfortunately, these implications are too extensive for inclusion here.

Hoagland noted something more physically significant: He then realized that a similar latitude marks the location of the largest shield volcano currently known in the entire solar system: Olympus Mons, at 19 N. Subsequent survey of solar system geodetic maps -- made from spacecraft photography of the past thirty years, encompassing planetary surfaces from Lunar Orbiter images of the Farside of the Moon, to Voyager 2 close-ups of Uranus, its satellites, and now at this writing the planet Neptune -- revealed a remarkable and currently inexplicable geophysical phenomenon see Table 1: The majority of "active centers" on these objects -- from the greatest shield volcanos on the "terrestrial planets" including equivalent features on their most anomalously active satellites!

This highly-specific geometric "statement" -- a These interlocking, extremely meaningful, and highly predictive relationships -- coded now in both the mathematical and blatant geometric aspects of the Complex -- can only be interpretated with extraordinary effort as anything other than the result of a deliberate and systematic plan -- designed to underscore the importance of "tetrahedral geometry.

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The Significance of the "Cydonia Message" Lest there be any confusion, the authors are NOT claiming there is "a tetrahedron buried inside each planet! That such an internal "vorticular pattern" could be explicitly modeled by an "embedded tetrahedral topology" is mathematically well-known Porteous, I.

That such a "geometric short-hand" -- directing us specifically to some underlying physical manifestation of tetrahedral mathematics -- was left specifically for us at Cydonia, seems now almost inescapable.

Physics first term paper 2

It is the growing suspicion of the authors, however, that the imminent Voyager studies of Neptune, coupled with a re-analysis of those studies it conducted of Uranus, may provide vital evidence that the "Cydonia equations" are trying to tell us about more than just energy transfer.Question Papers: File: Description: Paper 1 Front Page Grade 11 Exemplar Paper 1 Question 1 Exemplar Paper 1 Question 2 Exemplar 07 Final English First Additional Language Paper 1 - Exemplar: Final English First Additional Language Paper 3 - Exemplar Final English Home Language Paper 1 - Exemplar Physics 1 (PHY) First Major Exam First Semester, Term Date: Thursday 24/10/ scratch paper.

5. You may use a calculator but you may not borrow one.

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FORM ONE TERM ONE EXAMS PHYSICS TIME: 2 . Background to This Study. The initial purpose of this study was an examination of the "Cydonia mathematics," which at first glance emphasize the importance of two "dimensionless constants": "e" (the base of natural logarithms = );and "pi" [the ratio of the circumference of a circle (or sphere) to its diameter = ].

May 02,  · Back in my senior year of high school, I had to write a similar paper for my calculus 2 class, on an application of calculus to some real world problem. I wrote it about the integral form of Maxwell's equations.

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