Printing press business plan in nigeria the outside wife

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Printing press business plan in nigeria the outside wife

You can order our sample business plan for printing company. To order, pay N10, to: Upon confirmation of your payment you will get the business plan immediately. What does it mean by being in a printing business?

Starting a printing press business as a fresher does not necessarily mean you should have an office, your house address can suffice on your complimentary card as your contact address accompanied with your phone number.

For an individual who is not very familiar with this business, you will need to employ the service of a graphic artist and a printing press operator. The graphic artist is needed to deal with the designing and art work of the printing work, you can randomly go to any computer center to source out a graphic artist or you can put it up on a social media network this is gradually becoming a trend by which advertisement are made.

printing press business plan in nigeria the outside wife

Make sure he or she is very creative and can implement it. What he or she does is design whatever color the client wants, perform a color separation, then go ahead to save it on whatever medium that can be accessed by the people handling the separating system, after which the result comes out in different sizes of photo film.

After all these is done, this is where the printing press operator comes in. The Printing Press Operator: He or she comes up with the finished product the client wants by running the plates through the necessary machines.

But in the case of souvenirs, invoices, nobody will be comfortable carrying those on a laptop all around. As an individual who is just starting up, you need to engage in self -advertisement, you have to move around different companies, schools, firms, banks to source for printing business.

Some clients might require samplesyou should have them already made. You can also make advertisements on your social media networks while attaching samples of your work. Most of these companies would not advertise the need for a printer, you must not relent and be persistent. After you must have confirmed with your graphic artist and printing press operator, gone to the market to compare prices, you ought to be able to come up with a favorable quotation for your client.

If your quotation is approved, ensure to deliver at the specified time agreed by you and the client. Small scale printing business tend to be patronized more because they are believed to be punctualunlike the big ones who have so many jobs at hand. First impression, they say last longer, make it worth it.

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Execution of the Job: This is where you work hand-in-hand with the graphic artist and the printing press operator, you have to be very careful and monitor the job to avoid mistakes since it is about making a good impression, you should aim to please your client.

Impression matters a lot in this business, you have to give your client the impression, that you are easily accessible and can reached at a specific place. Look for a favorable location: This cannot be over emphasized, you have to look for a location that is close to where your prospective clients are, you cannot be in the rural area where there is barely electricity while your prospective clients are in town.

Acquisition of printing press machines: Machines for printing press can be gotten at not less than five hundred thousand naira, at second hand value while new ones go for as much as millions of naira.

Have a specific type of market you want to engage in: Create a niche for yourself, do not be swayed by what your next door neighbor is involved in, if it is just banners and complimentary cards you are very comfortable with, and sure to be delivered in time, please stick to it.

Hurry now and get your printing press business plan in Nigeria! To place order, pay N to:Femi started off in the late ’s with running marketing for his family’s printing press before he delved into the oil business.

And then in delved into oil with establishing Zenon Petroluem and Gas Ltd, the company focused on marketing and distributing petroleum products. Engaging in this business venture will definitely yield profit for the proprietor, if it is done properly.

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If . Aug 18,  · Printing Press Business Plan. August 18, James,Brown Chigozie Department of English and Literary Studies University of Nigeria, Nsukka. CEDR PART 1 This summary highlights the key points of the business plan. F. G. BAK Printing Press will specialize in the production and marketing of printed materials.

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