Research and development papermaking industry

NCASI's mission is to undertake scientific studies that will enhance the technical understanding of environmental and sustainability issues associated with forest management practices and the use of wood-derived materials to manufacture forest products. An important part of NCASI's mission is to characterize, and help improve, the effectiveness of pollution control measures employed by forest products manufacturing facilities.

Research and development papermaking industry

Paper Dyes & Pigment Dispersions

The ownership of the journal still remains with Mid Sweden University and the ten universities that are presently members of the Editorial Board will remain with the same responsibilities and authorities as before regarding the scope and contents of the Journal, including the appointment of the Scientific Board and the Editor-in-chief.

The Editor-in-chief will be responsible for the peer review and decisions on acceptance of manuscripts, while production, marketing and publishing of the journal will be handled by De Gruyter.

Management of manuscripts will be handled through an online processing system used by De Gruyter. For the time being, the email addresses of NPPRJ to which manuscripts should be sent remain the same.

We are convinced that this is a perfect development for the Journal where we can get access to a modern editorial system and be part of a larger publishing company with a better spreading of the journal, while preserving our ability to control the scientific content and the peer review of the manuscripts submitted to the journal.

We hope to attract an even larger number of papers that can allow us to widen the scope of the journal to be more dedicated to fit a broad biorefinery concept. We would like to extend a warm thanks Bo Westerlind for his short but very professional and dedicated time with us at NPPRJ and we wish him all possible success in his future career.Type or paste a DOI name into the text box.

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Research and development papermaking industry

Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to doi. The Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA) is dedicated to promoting and improving the technical and scientific knowledge of those working in the Fibrous Forest Products Industries.

Research and development papermaking industry

About NCASI. NCASI Mission, Vision, Value to Members (PDF) NCASI mission, vision, valeur aux membres (francais) (PDF) The National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) is an independent, non-profit research institute that focuses on environmental and sustainability topics relevant to forest management and the .

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With incomparable wit and learning. We thank you for your interest in our website. We are papermakers and the following is a short history of the development of the Britt Dynamic Drainage Jar and the papermaking application it fulfills.

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